EFERGY E2 CLASSIC 10 Second Sampling Electrical Consumption Analysis

Here is an Excel Plot of the CSV data captured from the Efergy transmitter using the Raspberry Pi and a RTL-SDR dongle. It shows 10 second sampling capture data between 2AM and 8:20AM of Nov 16,2013.  You can actually see the refrigerator turning on and off at a certain interval plus a couple of spikes caused by the heater and coffee maker :) At the end of the plot, you can see the electrical consumption going down due to the activation of the Grid Tie Solar system as the sun is just starting to shine from the east :) Pretty much you can do more analysis here due to the plot details provided by the 10 second sampling. One thing noticeable here is the the gradual decrease in power after the activation of the refrigerator compressor. Do you know why that happens ? :)

Update: Here is a 5 day 10second sampling  continuous capture of the setup demonstrating stability in the capture :)



  1. I'm taking a stab in the dark here. My assumption would be that it has to do with the refrigerant cycle - it takes a certain amount of hard work to start the gas cycle after everything has equilibrated with the compressor off.

    Nice to see your PV system making a contribution :).

  2. I went ahead and bought a efergy engage Hub, it works great but sadly they will not release the port or log in info for this Ethernet enabled engage hub, has anyone tried to give this box a hack and get into it as to be able to reroute the data to a home server rather than putting all our data in the hands of efergy. I would love to either log into this box and change it's server setting to my home server or at least know where my data is going and at the end of it all keep all this data in my own hands.

  3. you can actually 'trick' the hub to connect to your server by customizing the DNS settings of your internet router/switch/access point by forcing the hostname's ip address to your home server's ip address :)